About Nicky Rising

Los Angeles-based interior designer and curator Nicky Rising has been honing her keen eye for design since a young age. Growing up in the UK, Nigeria, Libya, and beyond, Nicky spent her weekends exploring bustling markets, grand bazaars, and antique shops. She quickly discovered the power of intentional objects, handmade treasures, and the fascinating stories they carry from all over the world.

For over fifteen years, Nicky ran a successful boutique textile and wallpaper company on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles , where she cultivated a loyal following of design enthusiasts. Now, Nicky has expanded into a more global design role, traveling the world in search of unique treasures. From hidden statues in the back of Moroccan Medinas to intricate batiks in Balinese markets, Nicky scours every corner of the world for pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Whether she's curating at home in California or exploring new countries, Nicky's passion for design and her unwavering commitment to finding one-of-a-kind pieces is evident in everything she does.